Members of the Geometry & Topology Group at UCI work in many different fields and have expertise in a diverse set of techniques. We have lively and well-attended seminars, and one of our key goals is the cross-pollination of ideas between geometry and topology.  Our faculty consists of active researchers in many areas of geometry and low-dimensional topology including geometric PDE, differential geometry, integrable systems, mirror symmetry, smooth 4-manifolds, symplectic and contact topology and geometry, and knot theory and its invariants.  在UCI几何/拓扑组有一个长期的承诺,以卓越的澳门皇冠赌场和博士后训练:我们已经制作优秀的澳门皇冠赌场,我们很幸运地招募和指导非凡的博士后。


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